Clients' Testimonials

"ALG has been our consultant of choice for dealing with the challenges faced by a medium size company complying with CA Air Regulations. They offer a full complement of services including support at hearings, negotiating permits, annual compliance assistance, and auditing. All with a friendly and practiced ambiance."  - Corporate Environmental Manager, Paper Manufacturing

"As trial attorneys, we cannot overstate the value that Bart Leininger and the Ashworth Leininger Group brought to our case as an expert witness. From the moment of his engagement, Bart took his position on the front lines with the attorneys for the duration of the case, helping us evaluate the likelihood of Clean Air Act violations at several chemical manufacturing facilities. Bart systematically and thoroughly sorted through primary research, assisted with witness interviews, and constantly created, ran and updated complex analyses of technical data. The result was an incredibly thorough and comprehensive expert report and opinion that significantly helped our team achieve a successful result.

Among Bart's skills, he was able to distill complex regulations and factual intricacies into comprehensible prose that a layperson could understand, without ever compromising his beliefs as to the truth of the matter. Bart and his team were always available to answer questions, no matter the significance, and help our team craft an effective and ultimately successful litigation strategy. From assisting with the preparation of document requests through to his testifying at trial and drafting cross-examination questions for opposing witnesses , Bart was a critical member of the trial team. Without hesitation and with sincere enthusiasm, we would highly recommend Bart Leininger and the Ashworth Leininger Group."  - Trial Attorney, Massachusetts

"For the past 15+ years the Ashworth Leininger Group (ALG) staff has provided proficient and professional Oil & Gas Environmental consulting services. Their comprehensive workforce expertise provides highly qualified levels of compliance, technical, project management and engineering related services.

They have been instrumental in our California and State-wide Operations extensive Air Programs to comply with all aspects of Air Quality Compliance Regulations including Permitting & Modeling, Emission Inventories, Source Testing, Title V Re-evaluations and all-encompassing ARB GHG Reporting. They also assist with other environmental related programs such as Risk Management, Assessments, Audits, Hazardous Waste & Water Quality. ALG continues to serve as our primary regulatory compliance authority interacting as our representative with local, state and federal agencies."  - Environmental Coordinator, Major Oil and Gas Company

"Seasoned, experienced and personable with industry smarts, the whole ALG crew are THE "go to" air quality experts for all my industrial clients in California. Time and again, they have provided the technical underpinnings so necessary to "win the day" at air quality hearings, rule makings and enforcement proceedings."  - Environmental Lawyer, Los Angeles

"ALG excels in coming up with innovative approaches to tough environmental issues, implementing those ideas cost-effectively, and making the results understandable to the layman. ALG is my go-to source for taking complex problems and helping me to understand all the issues and develop a strategy that gets my client where it needs to be. The firm has a wide range of skills-from property assessments to highly technical air quality issues-and delivers the same high level of service in each area."  - Environmental Attorney, San Francisco, CA

"I have worked with ALG on a number of air quality related negotiations over the years and found them to be among the best. Not only are they technically superb, but their understanding of the policy background underlying the negotiations helps frame the data in ways that make it much more valuable."  - Chief Executive Officer, National Trade Association

"ALG has provided consistently superior air compliance consulting services and been a partner in compliance management for a number of years.

As a major oil company, the expertise, responsiveness and reliability ALG provides has been invaluable in navigating through complex regulatory situations, as well as obtaining permits and completing air emissions reporting, in multiple states."  - Environmental Coordinator, Bulk Loading Terminal

"ALG has always provided our team with sound, specific and logical guidance. This has proven beneficial in our relationship with Federal and State regulators.

Their experience and knowledge has kept us in full compliance within a quickly changing industry and we are extremely confident and happy with their support."  - Terminal Manager, Fuels and Marketing Distribution

"Verification of GHGs is challenging endeavor especially with numerous diverse facilities. Working with ALG has made this detailed process both a success and a valuable learning exercise. Year after year the results have been professional, on time and on budget. We look forward to many more years of verification success with ALG."  - Compliance Manager, Electric Power Provider

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