Project: Semiconductor - SIP Compliance

Overview: Business Objective

A large aerospace and electronics manufacturing company was required to reduce its emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from its semiconductor operations at five separate facilities; ALG staff was contracted to develop and implement a control program, within a compressed schedule under an enforcement action brought by a local air pollution control agency.

Technical Approach

The initial engineering analysis revealed that traditional VOC control technologies (thermal, catalytic, and regenerative systems) and adsorption techniques were either ineffective, or very expensive (upwards of $65,000/ton of VOC controlled). ALG staff identified an innovative control technology - UV ozonation - and, together with the client and the local agency, implemented a demonstration program. The innovative technology was shown to achieve control requirements at a substantial reduction in overall control costs. Working with the client, ALG staff also identified process modifications and solvent substitutes for application at selected facilities.


The innovative control technology, coupled with process modifications, was successful in achieving a 90% reduction in VOC emissions at an estimated annual savings of $3,000,000 to the client over the traditional VOC control technologies. Controls were installed within the schedule required by the local agency.


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