Compliance with NEL's in Updated Industrial General Permit

Industrial Facility Survey

On November 6, 2018, the State Water Resources Control Board amended the Statewide Industrial Stom Water General Permit to incorporate the following requirements, effective July 1, 2020:

  • Use of sufficiently sensitive analytical methods;
  • Watershed or waterbody-specific Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) compliance
  • Optional Compliance Options to incentivize industrial storm water capture and use

The revised permit includes new requirements for TMDL's in the San Francisco Bay Region, the Los Angelese Region, Santa Ana Region, and San Diego Region.  Industrial facilities that discharge  directly, or indirectly via a municipal separate storm sewer system to an impaired water body identified with a TDML, must comply with the TMDL-specific permit requirements.

If your facility is subject to a TMDL-specific Permit requirement with applicable Numeric Effluent Limitations (NELs), there are mandatory minimimum penalities for failiure to comply.  The State Board has developed a survey to guage how many industrial facilities believe they are subject to NEL's and when they believe they will be in compliance with the NELs.   This survey is not a substitute for a Time Schedule Order (TSO), but will assist the Regional Boards with assessing how many facilities believe that they may need to apply for a TSO.

The State Board has developed the following resources to assist facilities with the requirements of the Permit: Industrial Storm Water Program Page, and the Industrial General Permit Toolbox.

The State Water Board encourages industrial facilities to complete the following survey and submit to their Regional Water Board:

For facility specific questions, contact your Regional Water Quality Control Board:

  • Region 2 - San Francisco Bay:
  • Region 4 - Los Angeles:
  • Region 8 - Santa Ana:
  • Region 9 - San Diego: