New Storm Water Sampling Guidance Video from the State Water Board

California State Water Resources Control Board

Storm Water Sampling

Industrial facilities subject to NPDES storm water permit are all too often reminded of the difficulty of collecting a representative storm water sample. Not only is it often wet, cold, dark, and slippery, but many facilities must also sample sheet flow, which can be very tricky. If you are having second thoughts on your sample location, follow the link below to see the State Water Boards recently-published sampling video. It is not intended to be a comprehensive training, but it does provide some good ideas and touches on some key sampling requirements. As suggested, give one of our QISPs a call and we can help to determine whether your sampling location meets the Industrial General Permit requirements. We can also help by ensuring your current procedures aren't making sample collection more difficult than it needs to be!

Please see the following website for more information: Stormwater Sampling Video

ALG QISP Contacts:

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