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Current SOQ pertaining to ALG client services.
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California Stormwater Industrial General Permit - Level 1
A Step-by-step guide to Level 1 Exceedance Response Actions (ERAs)
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California Stormwater IGP - Level 2
Facilities in California begin entering Level 2 status on July 1, 2017 for the first time. If you are one of these facilities, the time for action is NOW.
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Pretreatment Program Support Services
Ashworth Leininger Group (ALG)'s Pretreatment Program support services practice focuses on assisting municipal and industrial facilities to comply with federal, state, and local Pretreatment Program requirements.
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GHG Reporting and Verification
Ashworth Leininger Group (ALG) is a leading provider of GHG reporting and verification services. ALG has prepared and verified hundreds of Federal and California GHG reports, giving us a deep practical understanding of the GHG rules and the challenges associated with regulatory compliance.
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Global Climate Change
Ashworth Leininger Group's climate change practice leverages our expertise in developing emissions inventories, evaluating control technology, assessing environmental impacts, and designing and implementing cap-and-trade programs.
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EMS SMS EMIS brochure (SOQ)
Ashworth Leininger Group routinely develops customized compliance-based Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS), and Safety Management Systems (SMS) for a broad spectrum of our client bases
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HRA Brochure (SOQ)
Ashworth Leininger Group's health risk assessment (HRA) practice leverages our expertise in air toxics emissions inventory development, best available control technology for toxics (T-BACT) determination, and air dispersion modelings.
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Title V Service (SOQ)
Ashworth Leininger Group routinely assists major source facilities, including refineries, oil and gas operations, electrical power generating facilities, manufacturing facilities, and legal counsel on Title V operating permitting and compliance requirements. ALG is recognized as a leader in Title V permitting matters.
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Onsite Environmental Services Brochure (SOQ)
Ashworth Leininger Group has extensive experience in helping industrial facilities achieve and maintain compliance with local, state, and federal regulations through onsite assistance.
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Why ALG?

At ALG we emphasize efficient teamwork, effective communication, a supportive and flexible work environment, and continuous improvement. The success of this clear vision is evidenced by our low employee turnover, which is a benchmark in our industry. Our clients recognize the benefits of our strategy: we continue to work today with clients who helped found our firm.

Low overhead environmental company

"Seasoned, experienced and personable with industry smarts, the whole ALG crew are THE "go to" air quality experts for all my industrial clients in California. Time and again, they have provided the technical underpinnings so necessary to "win the day" at air quality hearings, rule makings and enforcement proceedings."
 - Environmental Lawyer, Los Angeles

Low overhead environmental company