Project: Stormwater Reporting

Overview: Business Objective

Our client operates numerous cogeneration facilities that provide heat and power to support critical public services. With the increased complexity and liability associated with NPDES storm water permits, ALG was asked to audit and streamline storm water compliance for our client's operations in Southern California. The objective was to enable existing staff to perform observations, sampling and maintain records. In addition, ALG was asked to oversee program, prepare annual reports and to provide on-site training when necessary.

Technical Approach

ALG developed customized storm water compliance plans that translated the requirements of the California Industrial Storm Water General Permit (Order 97-03-DWQ), and integrated these tasks with the facility's existing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). This integrated compliance approach streamlined compliance tasks, and clarified overlapping obligations that often tend to confuse and hinder compliance. With this integrated plan in place, ALG provided the facility staff with on-site and follow-up on the job training. Staff then was able to complete the required tasks, sampling and field observations called for under both these programs. ALG continues to review entries throughout the year to ensure staff understood requirements and were maintaining proper records.

ALG also provides oversight and management by preparing the required annual reports , and confirm that company-specific requirements are properly executed and documented. The final report is entered all the appropriate information into Storm Water Multiple Application and Report Tracking System (SMARTS).


Complex and overlapping requirements often lead to less than perfect performance. By providing facility a tool and the necessary training to maintain records themselves, ALG efficiently facilitated the client to maintain compliance with observation and recordkeeping requirements while ALG was able to focus on compliance with EPA benchmarks and annual reporting.


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