Project: Agriculture - ERC Generation

Overview: Business Objective

Local pre-construction review requirements trigger offsets or emission reduction credits at levels significantly below federal Clean Air Act thresholds. Over time, this low offset threshold has effectively limited the extent that facilities can optimize and expand operations. Consequently, ERCs are scarce and if available, expensive. In coordination with our existing clients and the local air district engineering staff, ALG was contracted by a farming operation to secure ERCs from the electrification of existing diesel fired water pumps.

Technical Approach

To be creditable, ERCs must reflect actual, verifiable, surplus and permanent reductions in emissions. This process therefore requires careful analysis and documentation of equipment design and past operations. However, farming operations were exempt from air permitting, and therefore operating records and source test data were not available to document actual emissions. In close coordination with local district engineering staff, ALG was able to secure operational records (i.e., fuel records and hours of use) sufficient to evidence actual operations for each engine. Coincident with the record collection ALG worked with the local air district to evaluate these operational records in order to establish the method for distributing the total fuel use among the engines to be shutdown. ALG also coordinated the design and testing of representative engines to quantify baseline (actual) emissions. Based on these data, ALG prepared and finalized the necessary ERC application package that allowed the district engineering staff to quickly process and issue the ERC certificates. Finally, ALG assisted the client with negotiating the terms with the air district as it related to the potential for temporary or permanent engine replacements in the future.


This was a win-win project. ALG successfully assisted the agricultural operation obtain valuable ERCs, and we alerted our existing clients to their availability, who in turn purchased these offsets to support an important planned expansion. Throughout the process, ALG maintained clear communication among our staff, our client, and the District to assure that there would be no surprises in the review and approval of the ERCs.


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